Fabio Bolinelli was born in 1969 in Treviso, where he lives and works.
His passion for photography developed at an early age, passed down from his father.
He attended individual photography courses, held by renowned photographers, and supplemented his education by studying specialist texts. His first experience was with analogue cameras and he developed and printed his own photos in his dark room.
He later moved on to the view camera and then ventured into the world of digital photography.
The inspiration for his work is often influenced by classical, modern and contemporary painting and sculpture, as well as his interest for the universe, scientific research and new fascinating theories of quantum physics.
From 2009 onwards, he has featured in several solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
Some of his photographs have been acquired by CRAF, the Centre for Photographic Research and Archiving in Spilimbergo (PN).
Other works are displayed in private collections and galleries.
He has featured in articles in the Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, L’Espresso,
Il Sole 24 Ore, Sprea Fotografia, Messaggero Veneto and Artribune.


2018  “XX Fotoincontro” (group exhibition) Kulturni Dom (Gorizia, Italy)

2018  “The Silent Way (solo exhibition) Arteutopia Gallery (Venice, Italy)

2018    “Natura Violata” (group exhibition) Tobia Rava’ Art Factory (Venice, Italy)

2018  “Natura Violata” (group exhibition)                             
PaRDeS, Research laboratory of contemporary art (Mirano, Italy)

2017    “Shade of white” (group exhibition) Hernandez Art Gallery (Milan, Italy)

2017     “I Fotografi Veneti del Novecento” (group exhibition)               
    curated by Walter Liva - C.R.A.F.    
Saint Laurence Church (San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy)


2017  “Il Collezionista, innamorarsi del contemporaneo              
          1941-2017” (group exhibition)
          Mario Rimoldi Museum (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy)

2017  “Una Pordenone mai vista” (solo exhibition) Due Piani Gallery (Pordenone, Italy)

2017  “Art Parma Fair” Modern and contemporary art                       
     Arte Utopia Gallery (Parma, Italy)

2016   “Squarci nelle tenebre” (group exhibition) Tobia Rava’ Art Factory     (Venice, Italy)

2016   “Squarci nelle tenebre” (group exhibition)                                 
 PaRDeS, Research laboratory of contemporary art (Mirano,Italy)

2016     “Oltre la siepe” (group exhibition)Villa Onigo, Trevignano (Treviso, Italy)

2016  “Hernandez contemporary art 2016” (group exhibition) Hernandez Art Gallery (Milan, Italy)

2015     “Architetture Ideali” (solo exhibition) Spazio Antonino Paraggi (Treviso, Italy)

2015     “Architetture Ideali” (solo exhibition) Italian Institute of Culture (Strasbourg, France)

2015     “Architetture Ideali” (solo exhibition) Urban Center, V.Emanuele Gallery (Milan, Italy)

2015     “Architetture Ideali” (solo exhibition) Arteutopia & Hernandez Art Gallery (Milan, Italy)

2015     “Identità e memoria” (solo exhibition) Archaeological Museum of Zagreb
 in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture (Zagreb, Croatia)    

2014     “Il Paesaggio Italiano. Fotografie 1950-2010” (group exhibition)                   
            Palazzo Znezeva (Zadar, Croatia)

2014     “Il paesaggio Italiano. Fotografie 1950-2010” (group exhibition)                 
Klovicevi Dvori Gallery (Zagreb, Croatia)

2014     “Il paesaggio Italiano. Fotografie 1950-2010” (group exhibition)                       
            Roma in Trastevere Museum  (Rome, Italy)

2014     “Prima Biennale della Creatività” (group exhibition) – Palaexpo (Verona, Italy)

2013       “Arte e Legalita’” (group exhibition) – Palazzo Sant’Elia (Palermo, Italy)

2013     “Spazio e Tempo” (solo exhibition) –Leonart Art Gallery, Conegliano (Treviso, Italy)

2013     “Covando il futuro” (group exhibition) – Leonart Art Gallery, Conegliano (Treviso, Italy)

2009    “Senza confini” (solo exhibition) – Visual Arts Centre, Palazzo “La Loggia”     
Motta di Livenza (Treviso, Italy)